The Mobile-Shop Company Launches New Website

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The Mobile-Shop Company, creator of the award winning Mobile-Shop Cart System, is proud to announce the launch of its new website

As the creator of a mobile tool cart system developed to be a seamless productivity boost for engineering and maintenance departments in every industry, ease of use is a core principle for the Mobile-Shop Company. With this in mind, the new was designed to reflect the company’s approach to simple, logical, and effective organization. The site includes numerous new features and new content to make the most of available technologies and to better serve businesses across North America.

Created with the latest ecommerce and mobile-responsive technologies, the new serves as an easy-to-use point of sale for online ordering on virtually any device, including phones and tablets.

In addition to new content that showcases the many benefits of the company’s award winning rolling tool-cart system, the website also includes a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to assist business owners who hope to gain a better understanding of the positive financial impact the Mobile-Shop System will deliver to their facility or portfolio of properties.

Mobile-Shop Company CEO Angelo Mazzella shared, “We are very pleased to share our new website. Our company is entering an exciting new phase of growth and our revamped website will enhance our interaction with customers and distributors. The live sales demo feature in particular allows customers to learn about- and distributors to present- the system at any time that is convenient - without downtime for travel. We are eager to hear what customers have to say about the improvements we’ve made.”

The new means the company can more effectively share information about the noticeable impact the Mobile-Shop System has for businesses in a wide variety of industries ranging from hospitality, property management, education, healthcare and senior living communities, to the industrial sector, amusement industry, and beyond.

For more information, contact the Mobile Shop Company at (866) 771-8665.