Mobile-Shop Company Adds Chopsticks to Best-Selling Tool Bag

Written by Lisa Bissonnette
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Mobile-Shop Company today announces the addition of chopsticks to their bestselling Tool Bag, the superstar in their lineup of facility maintenance carts and inventory solutions. Chopsticks were recommended for inclusion in the Tool Bag by one of Mobile-Shop’s customers, Edward Groleau from the Irvine Company, who likes them for their non-conductive properties as a safe way to perform electrical work.

“When chopsticks were recommended by Ed as a maintenance tool, I thought it was going to be a joke about eating lunch because of my love for Chinese food,” says Angelo Mazzella, Mobile-Shop Company’s CEO, “but as Ed explained, we thought more about it and realized that there are a number of ways chopsticks can be useful out in the field for maintenance engineers- from removing items stuck in a garbage disposal to pulling wires from an overstuffed junction box to stirring epoxies and resins. Chopsticks represent a valuable addition to our products.”

While Mobile-Shop Company has added an item to their tool bag, no price increase is scheduled for the product, making these chopsticks free of charge.

Developed by industry professionals over a span of eight years, the award-winning Mobile-Shop System was designed with a singular purpose: to arm people with the tools and parts to perform virtually any maintenance task in one visit, eliminating wasteful trips to and from the shop. Over the last ten years, thousands of organizations nationwide – from Fortune 500 companies and leading hotel chains to public school systems, hospitals, universities, factories, government agencies and residential communities – have utilized the Mobile-Shop System.

Mobile-Shop constructs their patented, award-winning efficiency systems in the heartland of America in Columbus, Ohio. Its products are utilized all over the world to help businesses save time and money.

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