TCAM Announces New Engagement with Tax Credit Investor

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TCAM announced today that it has been engaged by a bank investor to provide annual reviews of low income housing tax credit property investments. The annual reviews provide an updated risk assessment, as well as asset management recommendations and action plans. TCAM’s services help expand the capacity of the bank’s asset management group and help it meet its risk management requirements.

This engagement is the most recent new assignment for TCAM from a bank housing credit investor. TCAM is currently providing asset management and consulting services for other banks, investors, insurance companies, corporations, owners and foundations, as well as state and local housing agencies. “Our clients are growing and have many new and exciting opportunities,” said TCAM Chief Executive Officer Jenny Netzer. “TCAM’s services provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to help them grow and prosper.”

R.J. Finlay & Co. - – is a holding company of diverse businesses and investments with a central focus on real estate. Founded by Rob Finlay, R.J. Finlay & Co.'s  portfolio spans 12 companies and includes nearly 300 employees throughout the United States. TCAM - - a leading provider of investment management and consulting services to the affordable housing industry, has provided services for over 800 properties containing 120,200 apartment units in 46 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, representing in excess of $5.5 billion of client capital. TCAM's services include comprehensive asset management, portfolio management and consulting services.