TCAM Announces New Engagement with FTL Tax Advantaged Investments

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TCAM, a leading investment manager for the affordable housing industry, today announced a new engagement with St. Louis-based private tax credit syndicator, FTL Tax Advantaged Investments LLC which is wholly owned by private equity group FTL Capital. TCAM will be providing FTL Tax Advantaged Investments on-going asset and portfolio management services.


This engagement is the most recent assignment for TCAM from a housing tax credit equity syndicator. TCAM is currently providing asset management and owner’s representation services for several investors, syndicators and owners as well as for banks, insurance companies, corporations and state and local housing agencies. “FTL is very pleased to be working with TCAM as our new engagement sends a clear message to our investors that we are committed to the highest quality asset management service delivery available in our asset class,” said FTL Tax Advantaged Investments Executive Vice President Tom Jensen. TCAM Chief Executive Officer Jenny Netzer added, “We are pleased to be working with FTL Tax Advantaged Investments as the company expands its investment activity. Both new and established syndicators are a growing segment of our client base. Our services help them serve their clients and manage their growth.”


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TCAM is a leading investment manager, providing services for 95,780 apartment units across the U.S. TCAM's services include comprehensive asset management, portfolio management and advisory services.