Morin Brick Company Celebrates 100 Years of Manufacturing in Maine

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Morin Brick, one of Maine’s most enduring employers and its sole surviving brick company, marches confidently into its Centennial just three years after a recapitalization breathed new life into the organization. Stronger than ever, Morin stands poised to produce new   generations of sustainable cityscapes, schools, brick paved plazas and walkways that will stand the test of time over many lifetimes.

Over the last century, Morin’s waterstruck and extruded brick has lent quiet distinction to much of New England’s most recognizable architecture. Included are public and private universities, public and private schools, courthouses from Boston to Bangor and countless brick buildings from residences to retail. The engine behind this prolific production has been the generations of Mainers who proudly manufacture quality brick in Morin’s Auburn plant.

In 2009, the company underwent a majority acquisition by New Hampshire-based real estate and construction leader R.J. Finlay & Co. – a move that allowed Morin to reorganize, re-fire its kilns, and save 55 local jobs. As the state’s last remaining brick manufacturer, Morin’s most recent projects include a classroom building at Derry, NH’s historic Pinkerton Academy; a large, new high school in Keene, NH; Concord Hospital; new construction at Dartmouth College; the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s recent expansion; a new business school at the University of New Hampshire; and new student housing at the University of Connecticut. In 2010, Morin received a gold medal from the Brick Industry Association’s Brick in Architecture Awards – the industry’s top recognition – for the prominent placement of its waterstruck product in a stunning new residence hall at Worcester (MA) Polytechnic Institute.

“We could not be prouder of what Morin has been able to accomplish over the last few years,” says R.J. Finlay & Co. CEO Robert Finlay. “We knew this was a special company with a long and proud history when we approached them. The projects they’ve completed and the artistry they’ve continued to turn out are nothing short of remarkable. We congratulate them on this important milestone and look forward to another fantastic century of Morin tradition.”


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